Gioia Angeletti

Gioia Angeletti took her Ph. D in Scottish Literature at the University of Glasgow in 1997. She is Associate Professor of English literature at the University of Parma. Her major publications include: as author, Eccentric Scotland: Three Victorian Poets. James Thomson (“B. V.”), John Davidson and James Young Geddes (2004), and Lord Byron and Discourses of Otherness: Scotland, Italy, and Femininity (2012); as editor, “Esotismo/Orientalismo”, a double issue of La Questione Romantica (2004), Emancipation, Liberation, and Freedom: Romantic Drama and Theatre in Britain, 1760-1830 (2010), and, with Valentina Poggi, a volume on the Scottish playwright Joan Ure (2010). She is presently working on a book-length study about Scottish migration literature (Mungo Park, John Leyden, and Thomas Pringle) in the Romantic period.