Andrea Benedetti

Andrea Benedetti has received two PhDs in “Modern Foreign Literatures (French, English, Spanish, German)” at the University of Pisa (2005), and in “Human Studies” at the Carlo Bo University of Urbino (2019). He has held courses on “Modern German Literature” and “German Language” at the Carlo Bo University of Urbino and at the Università della Calabria. He has recently co-edited Totalität als Faszination. Systematisierung des Heterogenen im Werk Ernst Jüngers (2017, with L. Hagestedt) and published a monography on W. H. Wackenroder, Tra parola e immagine: una rilettura dei Reiseberichte (1793) di Wilhelm Heinrich Wackenroder alla luce della circolarità ermeneutica (2019).