The sociological imagination on the horizons of contemporary society

The sociological imagination on the horizons of contemporary society

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How can we restore fundamental values on a political and cultural level? Taking this question as a starting point, the book identifies the notion of sociological imagination as a suitable method to address the widespread disorientation within the human and social sciences. In particular, the three essays included in this volume focus on the role of sociology as a tool to achieve a constructive representation of reality. Through a sharp analysis of the current growing dismissal of cultural structures and the lack of an ethical view in the interpretation of social phenomena, the author offers new perspectives in order to recover authentic human commitments that are able to re-establish meaningful relationships between people.

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Fiammetta Fanizza

Fiammetta Fanizza works as a sociologist at the Department of Humanistic Studies, University of Foggia (Italy). One of her research interests is the public space with particular attention to local development and social engagement. Last year, she published The Sociological Imagination in the Horizon of Contemporary Society with Mimesis International.

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