New Phenomenology A Brief Introduction

New Phenomenology

A Brief Introduction

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In this work, Hermann Schmitz introduces the main theses of New Phenomenology: subjective facts and affective involvement, the felt body and the primitive present, and pre-personal selfconsciousness among others. He also offers a new solution to the problem of freedom and a critique of the current age of irony based on the critique of Western reductionism and introjectivism.

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Hermann Schmitz

Hermann Schmitz, born 1928 in Leipzig, was Professor of Philosophy in Kiel from 1971 to 1993. He is the founder of New Phenomonology and has published over 50 books concerning different topics of philosophy. Worth mentioning, at the very least, are System der Philosophie (10 voll., Bonn 1964-80). Among the latest books: Der Leib (Berlin/ Boston 2011), Atmosphären (Freiburg/München 2014) and Wozu philosophieren? (Freiburg/ München 2018).

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