Introduction to Social Innovation

Introduction to Social Innovation

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It is commonly shared the idea that social innovation is the creation of social value by solving social problems. Accordingly, social innovation can be deemed to be the production of new solutions to social problems in a more effective, efficient, and sustainable way. Analyzing the consequences of the current economic crisis and its impact on health care services, there is who has advanced the idea that social innovation can constitute an effective strategy to counter-balance the retrenchment of public social provision.This book tackles the multiple facets of social innovation focusing on its relationship with the new technologies and the new forms of entrepreneurship.

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Gilberto Marzano

Expert in computer science and social anthropology, he is professor and head of the Laboratory of Pedagogical Technologies at the Rezekne Academy of Technologies, in Latvia. He is member of the PHD board “Economy, Ecology and Preservation of Agricultural and Environmental Systems” at the University of Udine, in Italy; President of a private non-profit research institute in Italy (Ecoistituto del Friuli Venezia Giulia), specialized in sustainable development. For many years he was contract professor at the University of Udine and at the University of Trieste (Document management, Information systems, Theory of systems); he worked as a manager in several private ICT companies and was director of an R&D laboratory of a large ICT company in Italy.

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